Learn how to manage and schedule published flows
The published flows page lists the flow versions published in your workspace.


You can manage a published flow by clicking the icon on Actions column for corresponding row.

Schedule Flow

You can schedule published flows by clicking the "Schedule" action. To schedule a flow you need to select the published flow version, the robot that will run the flow, the timezone of the machine the robot is running on and the interval of the flow.
You can schedule a flow with different minutely, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly intervals. Or from the Advanced tab you can specify a cron expression.

Edit Flow

You can edit your published flows by clicking the "Edit" action. It will automatically open a popup screen where you can rename your published flow, not the flow itself, and add flow labels which will be discussed in the following section.
You can add flow tags by clicking
button in the "Labels" section. It will create an empty label field which you can fill a key-value pair in.
You can confirm the label addition by pressing Enter key on your keyboard or clicking "OK" button on your screen. You can also delete previously created labels or discard new labels by clicking
button inside the the label.
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