Learn how to manage robots
Robots page displays your workspace's robots, authentication token of your robots, the type of the robot and the connection status of the robot.
You can create and delete your workspace robots in this page. You can also edit, force stop, generate/regenerate or revoke authentication token, inject vault secret key for your robots.
You can add a new robot by clicking
button on the top right. You have to give your robot a unique name that is not present in your workspace and select the type of the robot.
Robot creation will be successful unless you reached the robot limit according to your Robomotion license.


You can manage a workspace robot by clicking the icon on Actions column for corresponding row.

Edit Robot

You can edit your workspace robots by clicking the "Edit" action. It will automatically open a popup screen where you can rename the robot and add robot labels which will be discussed in the following section.
You can add robot tags by clicking
button in the "Labels" section. It will create an empty label field which you can fill a key-value pair in.
You can confirm the label addition by pressing Enter key on your keyboard or clicking "OK" button on your screen. You can also delete previously created labels or discard new labels by clicking
button inside the the label.

Force Stop

You can stop your running robot forcibly by clicking the "Force Stop" action. Corresponding signal will be sent to you robot and be stopped running immediately.

Generate Token

You can generate access tokens for your workspace robots by clicking the "Generate Token" action. These tokens can be used instead of user authentication while connecting the robots to your workspace.
For security purposes, generated tokens will be displayed only once after its creation. If you refresh the page, you will only see the generation time of the access token.
A robot connected with access token will not be listed in the Robomotion Designer, but it will be displayed as connected in this page. That is why these robots can be used for only scheduled flows as long as they are connected with the token.
You can copy a robot name, robot id or robot token by clicking on the value itself in an easy way.

Regenerate Token

In case of forgotten access token, you can generate a new one by clicking the "Regenerate Token" action, and it will make the previous token invalid.

Revoke Token

You can remove an access token by clicking the "Revoke Token" action.
For security purposes, it is highly recommended to revoke the tokens that is not used actively.

Inject Vault Secret

In order to run a flow containing a vault item, vault secret key of the vault has to be stored in the machine the robot is currently running on. For detailed information, please navigate to the following section.
In addition to storing vault secret key manually as describe above, you can also inject the secret key through Admin Console by clicking "Inject Vault Secret" action. This process will be available only for the robots connected with access token and should be repeated for each different environment since vault secret keys are stored locally on a machine.
Key injection is feasible for the robots connected with user credentials as well. However, the injected vault secret key would be valid for the user's robots and cannot be used in the same machine by another user robot within the same workspace.
You can confirm that vault secret key injection is completed successfully with the notification above.