HTTP Triggers
Learn how to use http triggers
Your robots can listen from a specific port. When some data posted to your server, it is added to specified queue. To create a HTTP trigger, you can follow the rules below:
  1. 1.
    Go to Admin Console (
  2. 2.
    Click the Triggers button at the left of the page
3. Click Add Trigger button at the right of the table
4. Select HTTP as trigger type, and HTTP In as HTTP trigger item
5. Enter the port number your server will be listen
6. Enter the max try count value which is the maximum try count for your queue items
7. Enter the end point for your service
8. Enter the name of the queue that your posted requests will be pushed to it
9. Enter the request unique id for your queue items.
10. Select the importance of the queu item
11. Select the AES key for encrypting your queue items.
12. Click the next button.
13. Give a name and description for your trigger
14. Select the flow that you want to run when the event occured
15. Select the version of the specified flow
16 Select the robot which will be listen the events
17. Click the Create button
That is all. Now when you send a post request to your service, your data will be pushed to your queue.
Note: Your robot should be connected to run triggers.
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