Web Extension

Robomotion web extension is used for inspecting web elements easily. If you did not install chrome extension, please read here to learn how to install it.

Now, we are accepting that you have installed the robomotion web extension. When you use the browser nodes, you need to specify the selector of the web element you want to interact. You can fill the selector field of the node by manually or by the help of our extension. The steps are like following:

Step 1: Click the 3 dots at the right of the node

Click Element Node

Step 2: A rectangle whose text is Inspect Element will be occured over the node. Click it.

Click Element Node After Clicking The 3 Dots

After doing step 2, a popup with brief description will be occurred.

Now the inspect mode is activated. You can go to any tab or another window for selecting element.

When you hover the web element, you will see that the element is wrapped with colored rectangle like following:

When mouse hover a book image at the amazon.com

If you give up selecting element, you can click the CANCEL button at the occurred popup

Step 3: Click the element you want to select

When you click the element, the robomotion designer page will be automatically opened, the image of the element will be put to the body of the node and the selector of the web element you selected will be automatically written to selector field of the node property.

The view of the node and it's property after selection operation

That' s all. Congratulations👏You selected the element

You can also edit the selector that will be return to your designer by advanced inspector. You can read it from here.