Connect your Robot
Learn how to connect your robot to your workspace
Robots are software agents that are installed into your physical or virtual machines. Their job is to execute the flows you design in Flow Designer.
If you have not installed a robot yet, please follow these guidelines for your operating system to continue.
1- Start Robomotion by double-clicking. An icon will appear in your system tray. Press this icon for Robomotion Connect application to appear.
2- Fill out your credentials
Workspace: This is your workspace address. If you are connecting to our hosted version this will be the subdomain you selected, following with domain. ( ex: )
Use and not only your_workspace
If you installed Robomotion to your on-prem or private cloud servers. This will be your custom domain address for your workspace. ( ex: )
Username: Your email address registered to this workspace
2- Click "Connect" button.
3- After the connection established, the available robots in your workspace will be listed.
Every workspace comes with one development robot, this will be the robot name you entered when you create your workspace.
Robot Picker
4- After selection the robot will start running on this computer.
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