Create your first Flow and run
Learn how to create a simple flow to run on your robot
1- Go to your Robomotion workspace and sign in
2- In Flow Designer click the 'Untitled' named button right to logo
3- Click New Project button in the popup window
4- Give your flow a name and press OK
5- Drag and drop the Inject node from node palette at the left side of Flow Designer. ( You can also enter 'Inject' to the search bar at the top of node palette )
There are two other ways to add a new node to your flow. One way is to use context menu with right mouse click on the board. The second way is to click on any port of a node and dragging out a link and dropping the link to an empty space on the board.
6- Drag out a link and drop into an empty space on the board
7- Context menu will open, write debug to the search box and press enter.
The Debug node will be added to the flow linked to Inject node. This means any output from the Inject node will go to the Debug node.
We have created a very simple flow example that we can run on a robot.
8- Now click to the Run icon button at the top center of Flow Designer
9- If a robot is connected to your workspace, you will see a popup screen listing your connected robots.
If you don't see a connected robot, please follow the previous step to connect your robot.
A robot may be running on your local machine or it can run on a remote machine. You will see all the development robots connected to your workspace logged in with your user credentials.
10- Select the robot you want to run this flow on and press RUN button.
A flow starts running from a trigger node. In this flow it is the Inject node. Inject node simply injects a json message object into the flow and the debug node shows what is the output of the node. To learn more about message objects please follow this link.
11- The Debug output panel below the Flow Designer will show the injected object
And, you ran your first flow named Hello World!
To learn more about what you can do with Robomotion please read more about Flow Designer and follow the tutorials to learn more.
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