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Learn how to send email from your flows
In order to send an email, you have to provide your mail server credentials to the robot. To do this in a secure way, we created a vault system that works much like online password managers' security mechanisms. To learn more about Vaults please go to this guide.
  1. 1.
    Create a new project from Flow Designer
  2. 2.
    Follow the vault guide and create a new vault if you did not create a vault before.
  3. 3.
    Open the your vault ( in this example the previously created vault's name is Sample Vault )
3. Click "New Item" and then "Email Account"
3. Give your Vault Item a name
4. Scroll down and fill out the SMTP credentials, then press SAVE.
5. After save, you will see the new vault entry in your Vault
6. Create the following flow by drag-and-dropping the nodes from the node palette, or by right clicking on the empty board. You can search the nodes by name.
Below is the list of nodes used in this flow:
  • Trigger -> Inject
  • Mail -> Send Mail
  • Flow -> Stop
5- Now click the "Send Mail" node and change the node's properties as follows:
To keep this example simple, we used custom strings for the properties.. These values can also be taken from the flow dynamically, either via message object or from variables.
6- Credentials to be used for sending mail will be taken from the secure vault. Select the Vault and Vault Item for the "Send Mail" node.
If you don't see the Vault or the Vault Item, please press the refresh icon.
7- Run the flow
If your robot uses this Vault for the first time, it will ask the Vault Secret Key. For this please follow the guide at this page.

Gmail Usage

If you want to use a Gmail account for sending and receiving emails, you should enable Less Secure App access from this page.
Click If "Less secure app access" is off for your account link then click "turn it back on".
If your email is a personal account, you will see a switch to enable, just click on it to turn Allow less secure apps option to ON state.
Please note that this change may take 24 hours to take affect in your account.
If your email is a company account and you see a page like below then you need to contact your domain administrator.
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Gmail Usage