Windows Installation

Learn how to install robot on Windows

1- Download latest version of Robomotion Desktop for Windows from downloads.

2- After download completed, run RobomotionSetup.exe.

After installation, make sure to click "it is safe to keep"

3- Follow Installation Steps;

Select if you like to add shortcut to desktop. Then click Next.

Click "Install" to start installation.

Setup wizard will automatically install required files to your computer.

After installation completed, Check "Launch Robomotion" option and click "Finish"

If you see an error launching after setup. Please find the Robomotion application from your Start menu or desktop shortcut and try starting manually.

4- Complete Installation;

Afterwards, Robomotion icon will be available at your system tray.

Configuring the Robot as a Windows Service

1- Start Robomotinon Tray application and Connect your Robot

2- Download NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager from here.

3- Extract nssm.exe to a folder that is in your PATH ( for ex: C:\Program Files\Robomotion\bin )

4- Open Terminal or Command Promt with Administrator privileges ( right click and select Run as administrator )

5- Run command nssm install Robomotion robomotion-deskbot.exe connect as below

6- Run command nssm edit Robomotion

7- Set Path as "C:\Program Files\Robomotion\bin\robomotion-deskbot.exe"

8- Set Path as "C:\Program Files\Robomotion\bin\"

9- Set Arguments value to "connect"

10- Go to "Log on" tab and select "This account" and set your computer's username and password ( this is the username and password that you use to login to your Windows machine, NOT your Robomotion workspace username and password)

11- Press "Edit service" and you should see the below popup

12- Quit Tray Application ( Make sure Auto-Start is not selected before you quit )

13- Open Windows Services App ( you can write services to the Start Menu )

14- Find Robomotion and start the service by pressing play button

You can also start service by command line with "nssm start Robomotion"