Installing to DigitalOcean
Learn how to install Robomotion on DigitalOcean
Robomotion RPA is available as a one-click install at DigitalOcean Kubernetes Marketplace.
  1. 1.
    Go to Robomotion RPA page
2. Click Install App button and Select Install on New Cluster
3. Choose a datacenter region
4. Choose cluster capacity
5. Choose a name for your cluster and press Create Cluster
6. Wait cluster creation
7. Go to Networking > Load Balancers
8. DNS configuration
Add the External IP address to the bottom of your hosts file. You can find this file under /etc/hosts on Unix systems or C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file on Windows.
<Load Balancer IP> robomotion.local
9. Goto http://robomotion.local from your browser and setup your workspace
With one-click DigitalOcean installation it is not possible to provide configuration variables used by the Robomotion helm chart. So an advanced setup is not possible.
For an advanced setup please follow Installing to Kubernetes guide and use this one-click installation for evaluation purposes.
Also with advanced setup you can use external database, redis and s3 resources. For a more reliable, secure and highly available setup we recommend for you to use DigitalOcean managed databases and DigitalOcean spaces for your DigitalOcean installations.
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