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WG Wait

Waits for the specified Wait Group to finish, ensuring all the parallel branches associated with it have been completed. The Wait Group is considered complete when the counter, initially set by the WG Add node, decrements to zero due to subsequent executions of the WG Done node for a given ID.

Common Properties

  • Name - The custom name of the node.
  • Version - The version of the plugin.
  • Color - The custom color of the node.
  • Delay Before (sec) - Waits in seconds before executing the node.
  • Delay After (sec) - Waits in seconds after executing node.
  • Continue On Error - Automation will continue regardless of any error. The default value is false.

if ContinueOnError property is true, no error is caught when the project is executed even if Catch node is used.


  • Wait Group ID - Unique identifier of the Wait Group you want to wait for to complete.