Frequently Asked Questions

What is RPA ?

RPA is an acronym for Robotic Process Automation. It is an emerging business process automation technology based on software robots and artificial intelligence.
Robomotion is a web-based and cloud native RPA platform that is deployed to your Kubernetes cluster.

Is it secure to use my credentials ?

In order to accomplish some tasks in flows, robots need to use credentials like username and login info to login some website, or token credentials to reach some third party APIs. In these scenarios you use the secure vault mechanisms provided in your workspace.
Either they are on our hosted system or on your on-prem / private cloud system, your credentials are kept in a secure vault protected by your password that only you know and your vault secret key that only you have. Much like the online password manager services your credentials are encrypted before leaving your computer using 256-bit AES encryption.

Are custom nodes supported ?

Robomotion comes with common building blocks you can find in most RPA tools. In the Flow Designer a Function node can be used within your flows to add logic in Javascript if needed.
We have developed a plugin system that enables development of custom nodes in Golang, JS, Python, C# and Java. We have used this system in our private custom projects. It is not production ready yet but we are working on it for our next release to be publicly available.

What is an On-Demand robot ?

This is still a work in progress feature and not currently available. On-demand robots will not need to be installed and run on physical or a virtual machine but the robots will be created in your Kubernetes cluster as a pod and when its flow finishes the pod will be destroyed automatically.