Vault Secret Keys are not remembered on Linux

With Display Manager

Robomotion uses GNOME Keyring to store your Vault Secret Keys and passwords for your robot. Most distributions comes with a default Password Keyring called Login as below. If your distribution or setup doesn't have a default keyring you have to create one.

So if robot installed on your setup keeps asking your Vault Secret Key every time you start a flow than this means robot cant find a Password Keyring to store your secret key.

You can check your system's keyring by running seahorse application from terminal or searching Passwords and Keys application from your desktop.

If you do not see a Password Keyring, you can create one by clicking + sign and selecting Password Keyring item from the popup.

Give your Keyring a name

and then choose a password for your newly created keyring.

After creating your keyring, right click and select "Set as default"

Robomotion robot will start remembering our Vault Secret Keys.

Without Display Manager

Robomotion currently uses gnome-keyring to store your vault secret keys. In order to create a default keyring you will need a display manager. If your Linux setup doesn't have a display manager here is one way to setup a keyring.

  1. ssh -X linux@machine

  2. dbus-run-session bash

apt-get install libxtst6
apt-get install libgtk2.0-0
apt-get install gnome-keyring
apt-get install seahorse

3. gnome-keyring-daemon -r

4. seahorse (create and unlock your keyring)