March 2020.1

Robot (v1.4.0)

What’s New

    We have added proxy support to Open Browser and Http Request nodes. Proxy setting is specific to a node, so this means you can use more than one proxy for your flows. Basic authentication is also supported.
    Get Cookies node is added to Browser nodes. This node retrieves all the cookies from a page as well as httpOnly cookies.

Bug Fixes

    Linux .deb package is now working. Previous version had an OpenCV dynamic library linking error
    A previous update to flow format created a regression for the Image nodes. Now they are fixed and working.
    Input Box and Message Box nodes are now working for macOS.
    Inspect for Windows now catches Ctrl + Left Mouse click when an element is inspected
    When started running if a subflow could not be downloaded, it was incorrectly cached as downloaded to the local machine. This was causing the subflow not to work and hard to detect the problem.

Flow Designer

What’s New

    Desktop Inspect is now showing an informational popup dialog like Browser Inspect
Bug Fixes
    Message Box node's Output variable format fixed
    Goto and Catch node copy - paste bug fixed. When copied Goto and Catch node's list was not cleared and incorrectly pasted.
    When returning from Inspect to Flow Designer the keyboard was being kept locked, this is now fixed.
Last modified 3d ago