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Browser Automation

We will create a simple flow that will use Google search to convert a Dollar amount to Euro amount.

Create Flow

The following steps create a simple browser automation flow.

  1. In Flow Designer click the 'Untitled' named button right to logo

Untitled Project

  1. Click New Project button in the popup window

New Project

  1. Give a name to flow and press OK

New Project Name

  1. Create the following flow by drag-and-dropping the nodes from the node palette, or by right clicking on the empty board. You can search the nodes by name



Default node names are left as is in this example. But in order to make your flow more readable you can change the node names. For ex: "Get Value" can be renamed to "Read Converted Value" or "Message Box" can be renamed to "Show Euro Amount".

Below is the list of nodes used in this flow:

  • Trigger -> Inject
  • Dialog -> Input Box
  • Browser -> Open Browser
  • Programming -> Function
  • Browser -> Open Link
  • Browser -> Get Value
  • Dialog -> Message Box
  • Flow -> Stop
  1. Now click the "Input Box" node and change the node's properties as follows:

Input Box

  1. Click "Function" node's menu button and select Edit, then copy paste the below script and press Save

    var q = msg.amount + "+dollar+to+euro"; = "" + q;
    return msg;
  2. Click the "Open Link" node and change the URL parameter as follows:


  1. Click the "Get Value" node and change the Selector parameter as follows:


Here is the copyable text version:

  1. Click the "Message Box" node and change the node's properties as follows:

Message Box

  1. Click Save icon or press Ctrl+S for a shortcut.


Run Flow

We have created our flow and are now ready to run.

  1. Click the play icon at the toolbar.

Play Icon

  1. We will select the desktop run in this document. If it's disabled it means that you don't have any connected robot. Click Desktop then select your robot (if you connected more than one robot) and press RUN.

Robot Choice


Please make sure you installed a robot to your computer. You can follow this guide if you haven't. Or make sure you have connected your robot to your workspace. You can follow this guide if haven't.

  1. When the flow starts running, you will see an input box displayed on your Desktop, asking the number of Dollars to convert to Euros. Enter an amount and press OK.

Input Box

  1. The Google Search result page will be loaded on the browser started by the flow.

Google Result Page

  1. A message box on your Desktop will display the result taken from this page by the flow.

Result Message Box


If you look at the Flow Designer, you will see that the flow is waiting the Message Box node to finish. After you click OK the flow will continue and finish.

Waiting Flow

  1. The started browser will stay open until you press OK.