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Setting up your Slack Application

In order to integrate with Slack, you have to create a Slack application for your workspace. Robomotion uses Slack's Real Time Messaging API, so you need to create a classic Slack application.


More details about Slack App (Classic) and Slack App (New) can be found here.

  1. Login to your workspace and go to Create a Slack App (Classic) page.

Create App

Give your app a name and select your workspace, then press Create App button.

  1. After your app creation, Click the Permissions card on the page.


  1. Scroll down to Scopes section and add the following scopes to your application as Bot Token Scopes app_mentions:read, channels:history, chat:write, im:history, files:write

New Application

  1. Go to your applications home page by clicking App Home

App Home

  1. Go to top of the page and click Install Workspace button

Install to Workspace

  1. Click Allow button for allowing the permissions


  1. Notice that your bot appears in your workspace. You can check your Slack application.


  1. Go to OAuth & Permissions page of your app and copy your Bot User OAuth Access Token. You will use this token in your Robomotion Flows as API Key/Token.


  1. Finally add your application to a channel for interacting. To do that just open a channel and type the text @your-app-name then press enter

Invite Bot

  1. A pop-up will appear. Just click the Add to Channel button.


  1. You are done! 🎉