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GET /v1/jobs.list

List jobs

This endpoint allows you to get jobs in your workspace.

Query Parameters

searchstringSearch filter for searching the flow name or robot name
pageintegerUsed for pagination
sizeintegerResources per page limit
statusintegerList only the jobs with status (1: running, 2: success, 3: failed and 0 or empty for all jobs)
dateintegerJobs started since in utc unix time format


"ok": true,
"jobs": [{
"id": "14189044-0ec9-4ac0-b5b1-1cd9907a2052",
"robot_id": "bba7b30b-b96d-43f9-aaf5-8c01fdc8d0ca",
"workspace_id": "338d7e98-11da-46e3-9b4c-10e445c5a8c7",
"flow_id": "3861b8f0-b9cb-4d1b-8684-d42de609ca63",
"published_flow_id": "3861b8f0-b9cb-4d1b-8684-d42de609ca63",
"robot_type": 2,
"run_at": "2022-10-29T08:23:13.866996Z",
"stopped_at": "2022-10-29T08:23:15.692971Z",
"running_time": 1,
"status": "Success",
"data": {},
"robot_name": "Extremis",
"flow_name": "Mail Delete Test"
"total": 42