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Command-Line Help

➜  ~ robomotion-deskbot --help
Robomotion desktop robot

robomotion-deskbot [command]

Available Commands:
connect Connects to your workspace
help Help about any command

-c, --config string Robomotion config file (default $HOME/.config/robomotion/
-h, --help help for robomotion-deskbot
--stdin get input from stdin
-v, --version version for robomotion-deskbot

Use "robomotion-deskbot [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Connect Command

In order to connect a robot to your workspace, you can use the connect command.

Connects to your workspace

robomotion-deskbot connect [flags]

-h, --help help for connect
-i, --identity string Robomotion identity
--lock Connects robot in lock mode
--log-level string Robomotion log level ('info', 'warning', 'error', 'off')
--logdir string Robomotion log directory
-n, --no-attach Do not attach to Flow Designer
-p, --proxy string Proxy server to use for requests. [<proxy-scheme>://]<proxy-host>[:<proxy-port>]
--remember Remembers last used Robomotion credentials
-r, --robot string Robomotion robot name or id
-s, --send-crash-dumps Sends crash dumps to Robomotion
-t, --token string Robomotion robot token
-w, --workspace string Robomotion workspace

Global Flags:
-c, --config string Robomotion config file (default $HOME/.config/robomotion/
--stdin get input from stdin
--workspace-wWorkspace to connect the robot
--identity-iEmail address used to connect to your workspace
--lockLock mode blocks the robot running any uncached flow
--log-levelControls the amount of messages that are logged
--logdirChanges the logs directory
--no-attach-nDoes not attach to Flow Designer and makes the robot run faster
--proxy-pUses proxy server to connect to workspace
--rememberRemembers last used credentials for the connect command to run without parameters
--robot-rRobot ID from Admin Console
--token-tRobot Token generate from Admin Console
--send-crash-dumps-sSends crash reports to Robomotion serves

Example Usages

Connect with User Credentials

robomotion-deskbot connect -i -w

If the credentials are correct, the available robots in your workspace will be listed.

Use the arrow keys to navigate: ↓ ↑ → ← 
? Select Your Robot:
▸ Butler [ID: 624609c6-1a27-458f-ace5-3889dc554e28]
Jarvas [ID: 20f1cdb9-d8d9-448b-984c-9188deb24e8e]

After your selection, the selected robot will start working on your computer.

{"level":"info","msg":"Connecting to","status":"connecting","time":"2022-10-21T13:24:46+03:00"}
{"level":"info","msg":"Connected to as Butler [v1.18.11]","status":"connected","time":"2022-10-21T13:24:46+03:00"}

Connect with Robot Credentials

You can generate a Robot token from the Admin Console -> Robots screen.

robomotion-deskbot connect -r 624609c6-1a27-458f-ace5-3889dc554e28 -t ccb15ec1cbf40ae79fe0a0f317c78a23 -w

This command will connect the robot directly without showing a selection menu.


If you connect a robot with robot credentials you will not see the robot in Flow Designer when you press Run. Because the robot is connected with Robot Credentials and not the User Credentials it is not yet associated with a user. In order to associate the robot with a user you can add -i your_email parameter to the previous connect command. This user will now be able to see the robot from Flow Designer.