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Connect Robot

If you have not installed the Robomotion Application yet, please follow the install robot guidelines for your operating system before continuing.

  1. Start Robomotion by double-clicking the application icon from your operating system's launch menu.

Robomotion Tray

  1. Fill out your credentials.
  • Workspace: This is your workspace address. If you are using our hosted version at this will be the subdomain you had chosen with the following domain. ( ex: )
  • Username: The email address you have used while creating your workspace.
  • Password: The password you chose while creating your workspace.

Workspace credential should be like and NOT only your_workspace.

  1. Click the "Sign In" button

Sign In

  1. Select the robot you want to connect from your machine and press the Connect button.

Connect Robot

Your robot will connect and be ready to run flows.

Robot Connected