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How-to setup a File System Trigger

Your robots can listen a file creation, deletion or modification. If some of them occurs, you can run your flows. To create a file system trigger, you can follow the rules below:

  1. Go to Admin Console (

  2. Click the "Triggers" button at the left of the page.


  1. Click Add Trigger button at the right of the table.

Add Trigger

  1. Select File System as trigger type, and select one of the file system trigger item.

New Trigger

  1. Enter the Directory Path that the robot will listen the file creation, deletion or modification in that folder.

  2. Enter the name of file that will be created, deleted or modified.

New Trigger Next


If you want to listen any file in the specified folder, you can write .* as file name.

  1. Click the next button.

  2. Give a name and description for your trigger.

  3. Select the flow that you want to run when the event occurred.

  4. Select the version of the specified flow.

  5. Select the robot which will be listen the events.

  6. Click the Create button.

New Trigger Create

That is all. Now when you create, delete or modify a file (it depends to your selection) in the specified folder, your robot runs the specified version of the selected flow.


Your robot should be connected to run triggers.