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How to Use FTP/sFTP in Robomotion to Run RPA Workflows

· 2 min read
Selin Gizem Özkan
RPA Developer

This short guide explains how to use FTP/sFTP in Robomotion to run RPA workflows and avoid time-consuming operations.

To download target files to the local computer and execute the processes from the local computer, you can use Core.FTP nodes.

FTP nodes list

The Core.FTP nodes can support several FTP types such as FTP, sFTP and FTPS. You can select this property on the options section of the “Core.FTP.Connect” node.

Connect FTP node options

You can use the “Core.FTP.Connect” node to connect to the remote server with sFTP by providing the IP and port information of the server. You can list the files on the server with the Core.FTP.ListDirectory node. In case there are multiple files, you can create a loop and download each file to the local computer with the Core.FTP.Download node. After downloading, you can disconnect from the FTP server with the Core.FTP.Disconnect node.


FTP and sFTP can be extremely useful for running RPA workflows in Robomotion. By using the Core.FTP nodes, it becomes easy to connect to a remote FTP server, list, download and manage files.

This can help to automate time-consuming tasks and increase productivity. With FTP and sFTP, Robomotion provides a powerful tool for automating file transfers and running workflows.