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How-to automate Slack

First of all, to use Slack package in your flow, it should be installed. For more information about installing packages please see here.

Sending a Message to Channel

  1. Create a new project from Flow Designer

  2. Follow the vault guide and create a new vault if you did not create a vault before.

  3. Open your vault ( in this example the previously created vault's name is Sample Vault ).

Sample Vault

  1. Click "Create Item" and then "API Key/Token".

Create Vault Item

  1. Give a name to your Vault Item.

Vault Item Naming

  1. Copy your Slack token to this vault item. If you don't have the token please see here.

API Key/Token Item

  1. After clicking save, you will see the new vault item in your Vault.

Vault Item

  1. Create the following flow by drag-and-dropping the nodes from the node palette, or by right clicking on the empty board. You can search the nodes by name.


  • Below is the list of nodes used in this flow:
  • Trigger -> Inject
  • Slack -> Connect
  • Slack -> Send Message
  • Slack -> Disconnect
  • Flow -> Stop
  1. Click Connect node then select your vault item as Bot Token.


  1. Click Send Message node then set "Channel Name" to channel name that you want to send message and "Message" to your message text.

Send Message

  1. Run the flow.