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Learn how to manage schedules

The Schedules page lists the flows scheduled. These flows, if active, will be run according to their scheduling period, determined by cron job expressions, if the corresponding robot is connected and idle.

Schedule List

Create Schedule

You can create a schedule to run a flow with specific intervals. To create a new schedule, press the "Add Schedule" button.

New Schedule


Only published flows can be scheduled and published flows can only be scheduled on Production Robots.


You can pause/resume, update or completely remove the schedules by using the Actions menu.



You can pause active schedules or resume paused ones. A paused schedule will be discarded when the scheduling period arrives even if the robot is connected and idle.


You can update all details given while creating the schedule except the published flow.

Edit Schedule


It is recommended to create and publish a new version of your flow before scheduling so that you can roll back to a previous version in any case of an emergency.


You can delete a scheduled flow. Delete will also remove all the pending schedules that are missed but are being waited to be run when the robot is ready.